Why Use A Registered Migration Agent

Are you aware:

  1. To provide migration advice in Australia, an agent must be registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) – it is a criminal act for unregistered advisers to provide such advice and the persons risk penalties of up to 10 years’ imprisonment.
  2. It is illegal for a Registered Migration Agent to offer any guarantee that you will be 100% successful in your application (Clause 2.10 (c) of the MARA’s Code of Conduct prohibits against making such a claim).
  3. Registered Migration Agents are prohibited from implying that they have a special relationship with government that will benefit their clients.
  4. Migration agents providing advice outside Australia are not required to be registered and are not bound by the MARA’s stringent requirements.

It has been observed that:

  1. If you were to complete your application yourself, the risks are high for you as a visa applicant; even a small error in terminology or incorrect interpretation can have a significant effect on the validity of a visa application, noting that just one error, however small, could leave you with the visa application being refused or rejected.
  2. Your Visa Application Charges (VAC) are non-refundable; and a Visa refusal may possibly cause problems for future Visa applications, depending on your circumstances.
  3. It is not the job of immigration department to check and assist visa applicant in their visa application.

As a Registered Migration Agent for Australia:

  1. I possess sound knowledge of Australian immigration laws and visas process and requirements.
  2. I maintain appropriate comprehensive knowledge and skills to provide accurate and timely advice to you, as my client.
  3. I research migration and visa legislation and explore various options for your visa that are specific to your circumstances.
  4. I hold professional indemnity insurance; and hold your interests above all other considerations.
  5. I provide you with a written statement before commencement of work about the services to be delivered, known as a Service Agreement or, a Contract.
  6. I provide you with receipt/s and invoice/s for all monies received and work undertaken, noting that;
  7. Monies you pay are held in a separate “clients account” during the duration of work to be completed.
  8. I maintain access to an online state-of-the-art electronic database of complex legislation (Professional Library).
  9. I provide you a copy of the Consumer Guide along with the Service Agreement prior to commencing your work.
  10. I have a duty to preserve the confidentiality of my client, i.e. You, and will not disclose any confidential information about you or your business without your written consent, unless required by law.

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  • Memberships and Registrations:
  • For Australia: Migration Agents Registration Number (MARN): 1386616;