Tribunal Reviews, Waivers or NOICC

Waivers: Waivers for Character and Health Issues: Do you have health or character issues and require a waiver for these issues?

Review Submissions: Do you require a review submission to be lodged at the Tribunals:

  • Migration Review Tribunal;
  • Refugee Review Tribunal; or
  • Administrative Appeal Tribunals; or
  • A Ministerial Appeal / Intervention.

Can or, should the Submission need to be made to the Minister?

Visa refusals or cancellations: Has your Visa application been refused or visa cancelled?

Other Serious Migration Issues: Have you over-stayed your visa?

Or, have you been issued with a Notice of Intention to Consider Cancelling your visa (NOICC)?

These are complex issues which only a highly skilled Registered Migration Agent with specialisation in legal research and exceptional persuasive skills in letter writing is able to progress for you. Note: I maintain access to an online state-of-the-art electronic database of complex legislation (Professional Library).

Please do not ignore any of the above issues and Contact Us to discuss your specific situation, and we shall give you a special fixed price for your special circumstances.