About Us

At www.settleinanz.com, we offer genuine and realistic advice for Australian and / or New Zealand visas, submissions to the Migration, Refugee Review or Administrative Tribunals or, submission to the Minister. Our advice for Visa and Migration Solutions is specific to your situation and requirements.

Being migrants ourselves, we come from backgrounds similar to yours, and hence understand your difficulties and frustrations in navigating the labyrinth of immigration laws.

Over the past 33 years, we have:

  • Gained academic and professional skills, and valuable work experience in private as well as the public service;
  • Worked at various management and senior management levels in Hospitality, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Business, and Australian Migration Law;
  • Worked in Australia and New Zealand, India, and the Middle East; and
  • Achieved cross-cultural maturity;

We do not stop at just filing your Visa application or Submission; our key motivation is “to help people in settling in Australia / New Zealand”, and we endeavour for the same.

We look forward to discussing your requirements, and contact us to explore all possible solutions for your visa / migration issues, tribunal review or ministerial submissions:

Memberships and Registrations:

1.  On MARA’s website: MARN 1386616